Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Atompunk videogames

I’m looking for some videogames (I don’t mind how old are them) with a steampunk, dieselpunk or atompunk style.

Any suggestion? What’s your favourite and why?

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    for steampunk i would recomend “rise of legends” for pc /watch?v=rvXF3oGy-iE for atompunk anyting of fallout
  2. jarkkokorppi answered: as for atompunk i only can think of fallout 3
  3. tramwell answered: There’s one that’s gone unmentioned for good reasons; Damnation. It has good artwork and design, but everything else is terrible.
  4. kuraikaoru answered: Look for Dishonored, it’s coming up next year!
  5. unrepentantgamer answered: Have you tried Rise of Legends? It’s an RTS that features steampunk, magic and alien/mayan technology.
  6. treybacca answered: Dark Void is a fun quick ride. Think Rocketeer in a video game.
  7. klawzie answered: There’s a free-to-play steampunk game coming up on Kickstarter, if you like city sim type games.
  8. 50-cal answered: Crimson Skies…all of it, everything.
  9. malinabeadwork answered: You should try “Sublustrum”. It’s amazing. I don’t know if there’s an English version but I hope there is. P.S.: sorry for my English :)
  10. kortech answered: the Bioshock series is drenched in the steampunk essence.
  11. filthy-humans answered: Dishonored is coming out soon, and it is entirely steam punk. Or there is Bioshock, which is very steam punk.
  12. smashingsatur9 answered: American McGee’s Alice/Alice:Madness Returns has a few Steampunky themes going on. ;)
  13. iechofour answered: This may help:…
  14. worldsscariestshitonfire answered: a new game coming out later this year called dishonored is supposed to have a steampunky look and feel to it
  15. qoana answered: It’s old, but I did love the game play in Crimson Skies for the Xbox. I spent several days during an unemployed period only playing that game
  16. abbiecarrington answered: Dishonored is coming out, and Bioshock Infinite is still in production. And there’s Steampunk mods for Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim. :)
  17. hildekitten answered: The Bioshock games of course :)
  18. windup-crow answered: Torchlight is kinda steampunk/magi-tech theamed. I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet but I’ve heard good things.
  19. cannedcoelacanth answered: Sakura Wars: So Long My Love is somewhere between strategy game and dating sim. Not my fav of the series but the only one released in English
  20. chronic-uncreativity answered: Final Fantasy VI for steampunk. It’s just… everything is wonderful. The story, the characters, the music, everything.
  21. farfromthetrees answered: the chaos engine, i think it was my first introduction to steampunk.
  22. leedawidge answered: dungeons of dredmor?
  23. fenris192 answered: Syberia.
  24. lunatama answered: Fallout and Bioshock are both atompunk, if I recall correctly.
  25. imsosrsly answered: I’ve heard Bioshock is pretty Steampunk-y…
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    stílusok, amiket méltánytalanul hanyagolnak
  27. penguinprince answered: OMG They’re coming out with a game very shortly called ‘Dishonored’ which will be similar to Assassin’s creed but in a steampunk setting.
  28. zupanic answered: My favorite favorite is Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura….because its the best game ever!:D
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