Steampunk books

This is a list of printed books in the steampunk (and almost-steampunk) genre.

Have I missed your favourite steampunk book? Please let me know.

Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume I
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume II
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Black Dossier
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century 1910
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century 1969

Andrew P. Mayer
The Falling Machine (2011)
Hearts of Smoke and Steam (2011)

Arthur Slade
The Hunchback Assignments (2009)
The Dark Deeps (2010)
Empire Of Ruins (2011)

Bryan Talbot
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright (9 volumes, 1990, second edition)

Catherine Webb
The Extraordinary and Unusual Adventures of Horatio Lyle (2006)
The Obsidian Dagger (2006)
The Doomsday Machine (2008)
The Dream Thief (2010)

Cherie Priest
Boneshaker (2009)
Clementine (2010)
Dreadnought (2010)
Ganymede (2011)

Ekaterina Sedia
The Alchemy of Stone (2008)
Heart of Iron (2011)

Eoin Colfer
Airman (2008)

Gail Carriger
Soulless (2009)
Changeless (2010)
Blameless (2010)
Heartless (2011)
Timeless (2012)

G. D. Falksen
Blood in the Skies (2011)

George Mann
The Affinity Bridge (2008)
The Osiris Ritual (2009)
The Shattered Teacup (2010)
The Immorality Engine (2011)

James Blaylock
The Digging Leviathan (1984)
Homunculus (1986)
Lord Kelvin’s Machine (1992)
The Ebb Tide (2009)
The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs (2011)

Jay Lake
Mainspring (2007)
Pinion (2008)
Escapement (2010)

Kenneth Oppel
Airborn (2004)
Skybreaker (2005)
Starclimber (2008)

Joe R. Lansdale
Zeppelins West (2001)
Flaming London (2006)
Flaming Zeppelins (2010)

Kady Cross
The Girl in the Steel Corset (2011)

Keith Laumer
Worlds of the Imperium (1962)
The Other Side of Time (1965)
Assignment in Nowhere (1968)

K. W. Jeter
Dr. Adder (1984)
Infernal Devices (1987, 2011)

Lavie Tidhar
The Bookman (2010)
Camera Obscura (2011)

Mark Hodder
The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack (2010)
The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man (2011)

Michael Moorcock
The Warlord of the Air (1971)
The Land Leviathan (1974)
The Steel Tsar (1981)

Neal Stephenson
The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer (1995)

Mike Resnick
The Buntline Special (2010)
The Doctor and the Kid (2011)

Philip Reeve
Mortal Engines:
  Mortal Engines (2001)
  Predator’s Gold (2003)
  Infernal Devices (2005)
  A Darkling Plain (2006)
  Traction City (2011)

Fever Crumb Series:
  Fever Crumb (2009)
  A Web of Air By Reeve (2010)
  Scrivener’s Moon (2011)

Ronald W. Clark
Queen Victoria’s Bomb (1967)

Scott Westerfield
Leviathan (2009)
Behemoth (2010)
Goliath (2011)

Steven Harper
The Doomsday Vault: A Novel of the Clockwork Empire (2011)

Stephen Hunt
The Court of the Air (2007)
The Kingdom Beyond the Waves (2008)
The Rise of the Iron Moon (2009)
Secrets of the Fire Sea (2010)
Jack Cloudie (2011)
From The Deep of the Dark (2012)

Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine
Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel (2011)

Tim Powers
The Anubis Gates (1983)

William Gibson and Bruce Sterling
The Difference Engine (1990)

Have I missed your favourite steampunk book? What is it’s name?

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