Who are your favourite steampunk writers?

Name 3 of your favourite steampunk writers.

Who are them?

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  1. bollygirl21 answered: Gail Carriger, Meljean Brook
  2. lots-of-thots-with-triple-dots answered: Jules Verne!
  3. nuvolanera answered: Gail Carriger all the way!
  4. niczka answered: Does Gail Carriger count?
  5. killerzebras answered: Scott Westerfeld, Cherie Priest, and Ekaterina Sedia
  6. calcifer155 answered: Jules Verne, H. P. Lovecraft, Neal Stephenson and Hayao Miyazaki
  7. nababul answered: Tim Powers, Sylvie Denis, Johan Héliot.
  8. hildekitten answered: Jules Verne, Philip Reeve and Steven Harper/Piziks
  9. fictionalized answered: Gail Carriger, Cherie Priest, and George Mann for the third, maybe?
  10. granaries answered: Philip Pullman, Neil Stephenson, Paul Marlowe!
  11. bookhobbit answered: Gail Carriger is pretty amazing.
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